Why Fall Protection? Falls from height represent the biggest cause of death and the second biggest cause of serious injury at work." This statement from the Health and Safety Executive highlights the importance of adequate fall protection in any building or work-place environment. In order to comply with the Work at Height Regulations, the ‘duty holder’ must ensure they have followed the official hierarchy of advice: 1. Avoid work at height, where possible. 2. When working at height is essential, ensure the workers are not exposed to unnecessary risks. 3. Where it is not possible to eliminate the risk of falling, use a suitable fall protection system to minimize the consequences of a fall. Specialist Access Solutions Ltd can help you to meet the Work at Height Regulations through 1. The installation of fall protection systems 2. The provision of high quality training in all aspects of work at height 3. The use of IRATA trained personnel to carry out works where it may be impractical or not cost-effective to install a fall protection system. The Access Professionals Contact us: Tel. 0845 470 5005 Fax. 0845 280 9009 Email. contact@s-a-s.biz